About the Project

The Abrahamic Symphony, commissioned and produced by Abu Dhabi Festival, is the world’s first interfaith symphony composed by David Shire (USA), John Debney (USA)  and Ihab Darwish (UAE).

Bringing together top international composers, musicians and vocal ensembles from many backgrounds, the symphony celebrates unity and peace amongst different faiths. The symphony featured the participation of an orchestra of 67 musicians, 6 choirs of 250 vocalists, 12 instrumental soloists, 6 singers, and 5 poets, in 24 recording studios around the world, from 19 cities in 17 countries.

The work of ninety one minutes contains four primary movements: Earth – prologue, the synagogue, the church, and the mosque. It builds bridges that connect people from different parts of the globe and a common appreciation of cultural diversity. It was Abu Dhabi Music and Arts Foundation and Abu Dhabi Festival’s founder, H.E. Huda Alkhamis-Kanoo, her support and her faith in this project, which made this new work possible.

About the Symphony




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